Collection: CGC Grading

The PokeBreakers are now offering CGC grading!
As soon as your submissions are ready for pick up, we’ll contact you for retrieval
Aforementioned business day turnaround times are estimates. 
Submission Requirements:
  • We take pride in making sure your cards are prepared in the best possible way for CGC to grade them efficiently.
    • Submissions MUST be paid for up front. Payment can be made in-store or on our site.
    • Make sure your physical cards are in the SAME order of your online submission form
    • We accept cards in toploaders and card savers ONLY.​  No one-touch magnets or screw downs please.
    • DO NOT seal your cards with tape or a stickerPlease remove before submitting. If you need to use it for shipping you can. Please do so sparingly. 
    • DO NOT put your cards in individual team bags. Please take the cards out before submitting.
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    • CGC Grading Service (Recommended Age: 15+ Years)
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