GPK: 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight Collectors Edition

GPK: 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight Collectors Edition

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Each Box contains One Hit and One Magnet Card Bonus Pack!

The gross, moldy fun is back with 2021 Garbage Pail Kids: Food Fight! Funny to the rotten apple core, this year's release features all-new art, card backs, packaging, and more!

- Brand-New Artwork & Characters!
- Sketch Cards!
- New Collectible Mini Magnets!


Base + Insert Cards:

200 Food-Themed Base Sticker Cards with 100 A & B names, featuring all-new art!


- Pepper Black: 1 per pack (Hobby Collector Only)
- Saucy Red: #'d to 75 (Hobby Collector Only)
- Fool's Gold: #'d to 50
- Printing Plates: #'d 1-of-1
- Artist Autographs: On-Card Signatures

Insert Sticker Cards:

- GPK Food Wacky Packages: New food-themed Wacky Packages (1 per Hobby Collector Box Only)
- Wacky Packages Patch Cards: Classic Wacky Package Jumbo Patches (Hobby Collector Only)
- Mini Magnets: 24 in total to collect! (2 magnets per Hobby Collector Bonus Pack Only)

Sketch Cards

- Shaped Sketch Cards: Trash Can & Rotten Egg (Hobby Collector Only)
- Triptych Sketch Card: 3-paneled sketch card (Hobby Collector Only)

24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack